Clubs and Organizations

College is a big transition form high school. In college you have to keep yourself busy and make the most out of your time in school. A good step for college students of all ages, is to get involved in some kind of club or student organization. Joining some king of group have many benefits that could help students in more ways than they would expect.
Clubs and organizations allow students to get involved in school activities and help them to be more sociable and network with people who can potentially help you with you college career. I’ve talked to a student named Alexa Taylor who is involved with her sorority and well as singling for the campus ministry. While talking with Ms. Taylor she says “Joining clubs and organizations have helped me tremendously in finding a good way to spend my time and its also helped me meet new and interesting people while also giving me some good experiences that will look good on my resume.” Indeed, if one is interested in filling some of their time while doing something that benefits their college career then seriously consider joining in student clubs and organizations.

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Dos and Don’ts of Studying

Students often come to college thinking that they can get away with not studying as they should and often pay the price before they realize it. This video is meant to help students learn how to effectively study in the most efficient way possible. Enjoy!

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Off Campus Hot Spots

As an incoming student, being on a new campus can be very exciting……At first. As you will soon find out being on campus all day, every day can get very old, very fast. So you may find yourself wondering, during these time where can i go to get away from campus? Of course depending on your level of transportability, one could go anywhere in Bowling Green, But there are some spots that are more popular among students than others.

For Example, the Hooka Bar, located just off campus across from the The Registry (off campus student apartments), is a good place to meet up with friends and hang out. The Hooka Bar provides a convenient location that has good atmosphere, customer service, and provides food for its customers. Another hot spot not to far off campus is the mall and the movie theater. Bowling green also has a very wide array of bars and restaurants that everyone should take time to experience for local off campus entertainment.

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Learning Laundary

One thing about college life that many incoming freshmen do not consider is the fact that you have to start doing your own laundry, which can add up quicker than you may think. Seeing that no one wants to go through college smelling like last week it is important to know when to wash your cloths and how to budget your money accordingly. At WKU to wash or dry on load of clothes cost a dollar, and depending on how many loads you of clothing you have, one can expect to pay roughly $5 dollars on one wash session. With this in mind it is important to note that the longer you wait to wash the more money you will have to spend, so I recommend that you wash once every weak or two.

Every dorm comes equipped with a laundry room, but unfortunately there are way more students than there are available washers so timing when to wash cloths is a very useful skill. In most cases the worst time to wait to do laundry is during the weekend. The weekend is the time where student are most likely to have some free time to do laundry so most the time they will be full. The key is to wash during the week when students have typically finished their laundry or are simply to busy to so it.

Even though this seems to be a drag there is hope. One way to get around spending money to wash cloths is to find someone who lives off campus in student apartments. If you have a friend that lives in an apartment be sure to see if they get utilities included in their billing that way you can wash at their place with no extra expense to either you or your friend.

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On Campus Restaurants

Western Kentucky University provides nothing but the best for its students; including wku’s food selection. Check out this digital magazine and learn about all the food options that that are available to you as a student.

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Park Shark


As a Freshman at WKU you are permitted to bring your car with you as soon as you get here. At first it sounds great to be able to do that but this privilege comes a price. As you have seen or will see there are only so many parking spots that are conveniently placed close to the dorms; the rest are going to make you wish you had a bike. These are trips that you typically do not want to walk, but it is unavoidable you will get those spots. But there is hope! There are little tricks to help you find and keep great parking spots.

  1.  Beware of park sharks. Park sharks are people who lurk around the parking lots for a crazy long time to find a good spot. you have to keep an eye on these people for they are willing to do almost any and every thing to get a spot even play chicken with you.
  2. Lunch time and Weekends are great times to find spots close to your dorm. during these times people are more likely to be out and about which leaves their spots open targets. but be quick because the sharks know this too and will be out.
  3. Get a spot and stay there. If you are fortunate enough to get a good spot without any difficulties stay put. if you so much as wiggle out your spot to go around the corner it WILL NOT be there when you get back.
  4. If you urgently need to move but only for a short time have a friend stand in that spot till you get back. Its going to annoy a few people but hey its tough out here.
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Getting Use to College

When transitioning from high school to college one can easily get overwhelmed. Incoming freshmen have to deal with the struggles of finding their way around, picking a major, making friends, etc. When rest assure that WKU has you covered. There is actually a program on campus set up to help acclimate incoming freshmen. check out this interview I had with the creator of the program and see if this program could be a good fit for you.

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